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The world of edtech moves fast, and innovation is at an all-time high. If you’re working in education, it’s hard to keep up with the newest trends and sift through all of them to find the tried and tested online teaching methods. That’s why you’re in the right place.

The NEO Blog explores what’s going on in the world of education, edtech, and school learning management systems, with lots of practical tips to boot!

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As a source trusted by thousands of schools and universities, the NEO Blog’s mission is to discuss edtech and its role in transforming education. We’re committed to creating useful how-to guides and thought-provoking articles so you’ll always be up to date.

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The NEO Blog wants to help all teachers upgrade their edtech game — regardless of their experience. We believe that any educator can teach with technology, and we’re here to offer guidance and support.

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Here at NEO, we’ve gathered a team of passionate writers who are always one step ahead in tackling the most relevant edtech topics. We also invite diverse guest authors who share their stories as teachers, leaders, and parents.


Graham Class

Founder & CEO

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EdTech blogger

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EdTech blogger

Diana Zinveliu


Veronica Manole

University lecturer

Alina Toderascu

Global Marketing Director

Susannah Holz

EdTech blogger

Guest Authors

Rachelle Dene Poth

EdTech consultant
and teacher

Charlie Fletcher

Writer and former preschool

Terri Eichholz

Educator and consultant

Jackie Edwards

Freelance writer

Daniel Sherwin

Blogger and parent

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