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How to build a classroom escape room to spark curiosity in learning


Since students spend so much time in classrooms, why not plan a quick “escape” to inspire curiosity for learning? Teacher and author, Rachelle Dene Poth, demonstrates how building a classroom escape room transforms even the most humdrum day into a wonderful adventure!

7 Best financial literacy games for students to try out in April

7 Best financial literacy games for students to try out in April


With major digital disruptions such as NFTs and cryptocurrency trending now, how can we ensure that our students get the best financial education possible? By making financial literacy fun, of course! Find out what are some of the best financial literacy games from this list curated by teacher and author Rachelle Dene Poth.


What are the benefits of interdisciplinary teaching?


Today’s students are growing up in an increasingly complex world. Education should rise to the challenge of developing critical thinkers who tolerate ambiguity and are solution-oriented. Interdisciplinary teaching aims to do just that and brings many other benefits for students.

Creating more interactive learning spaces in the new school year

Creating more interactive learning spaces in the new school year


Educators are always looking for new teaching strategies or digital tools that will help students better retain the content and promote student engagement. Here are seven tools to explore in the new school year that will engage students in learning the content while developing essential SEL skills.

maker movement

Teaching makers: unraveling the maker movement


Teachers have been puzzling out how to make practical their lessons for eons: making rocket ships from matchsticks, paper mâché solar systems, cabinets in Woodshop and Beef Wellington in Home Ec. So, it is with mild bemusement – I’m sure – that many teachers observe the breathless passion with which so many millennials talk about the Maker Movement.


4 Questions about the flipped classroom teachers must answer

Flipped Classroom

Despite there being a smorgasbord of tools, platforms and apps designed specifically to house, manage and direct online educational content, the process of initiating a flipped classroom model remains, for many, an enigma not worth trying. So let’s explore a few practical strategies in order to answer some of the most important questions about a flipped classroom teachers must address.

stimulate online learner engagement

4 more ways to stimulate online learner engagement


Last week we began discussing this topic, and examined four ways to engage the disengaged learner. This week we will explore a few more ways to motivate and inspire the struggling, or disinterested online learner and dive into making content relevant to learners, fostering relationships, using brain rules, and going for some creative evaluation methods.

five senses

E-learning and the challenge of the senses


Blending online and physical learning is in most cases the ideal future scenario for education, and there seems little reason to fear that online models will be devoid of the bright, immersive, and inspiring inputs that will one day stimulate all of the senses.

vr apps for the modern classroom

5 useful VR apps for the modern classroom

E-learning, K-12, Teachers

VR technology helps teachers create incredible learning experiences for their students — experiences that will stick to their brain faster and for a longer time than traditional and otherwise boring lectures. Teachers that embrace VR and use it in their classrooms can take their students on amazing journeys on various parts of the globe, at different times, on the Moon, on the bottom of an ocean and even inside the human body.