How to create a supportive classroom environment

How to create a supportive classroom environment


A supportive classroom environment leads to positive classroom management. Getting to know your students, offering relevant feedback and student-centered teaching are just some of the ways teachers can create such an environment.

3 Opportunities for education during the pandemic

3 Opportunities for education during the pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives, but it has also given opportunities for education to evolve and change for the better. Hopefully, all the advancements we’ve made in such troubled times will set the pace for future development.


How teachers can make the most of LMS automation


Teachers achieve plenty of goals through LMS automation, from personalizing learning experiences to grading. However, the biggest benefit is that LMS automation puts repetitive teaching tasks on autopilot so educators can focus on what truly matters: their students.


Meet NEO at FETC 2022!


Great news! The NEO team will be in Orlando, Florida, between 25-28 January to join the largest independent event that caters to K-12 edtech: FETC 2022. Find us at Booth #602 for a personalized demo and join a special session hosted by one of our edtech experts!

Connecting with students in the online classroom

Connecting with students in the online classroom


One of the biggest hurdles you can face as a teacher is keeping your students engaged and interested. When they’re learning at home, that’s an even more difficult task. Thankfully, there are ways to connect with your students in the online classroom.


Methods and tools to develop future-ready skills


Preparing students for the future is a priority for all teachers. There are many methods and tools to explore, but it’s important to focus on the why behind the choices we make for our students. Let’s discuss the development of future-ready skills:


5 Time-saving strategies for busy teachers


To say that teachers are busy is an understatement. So, to start the year off on the right foot, a fellow teacher ponders why this happens and shares five time-saving tips that all teachers should try to be more organized and make the most out of their time.


6 Essential educational trends to look out for in 2022


Starting a new year is an excellent opportunity to put last year’s lessons into practice and start with a clean slate. This is especially true for using innovative and exciting edtech tools! Here are the six essential educational trends to look out for in 2022:


Our favorite teacher memes for 2021


Being a teacher isn’t easy, and there are many serious moments in the classroom. However, as we’re getting closer to the end of this year, let’s have a little fun with lighthearted teacher memes that pretty much capture what we’ve thought (and said) in 2021. Happy New Year!