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learned to improve education

From normal to better: Using what we’ve learned to improve education


As much as we want our world to return to normal, we cannot forget that last year’s normal wasn’t perfect. We are in a unique position where we can vividly recall the great things about school – especially the relationships and new worlds opened up by education – and to try to change the parts that were unhelpful and sometimes even harmful.


How to keep parents engaged in school activities using an LMS


Using technology to set up an interlinked ecosystem between the school, students, and their parents, where there is regular communication and transparency, requires just a bit of effort at the beginning and the right platform to support this. However, doing this will make a positive difference for everyone involved.

Teaching students how to manage digital distractions

Teaching students how to manage digital distractions


Perhaps schools will eventually teach technology management, which includes using technology for learning and professional development. Until then, teachers are left to find the most effective methods to turn a potential distraction into a useful tool. Here are a few ideas that can successfully be implemented in any classroom:

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms


Edtech can help students and teachers implement the 5E teaching model online, as an LMS can offer a wide range of solutions for each stage. However, especially during these challenging times, the 5E model could benefit from an additional E, which can be integrated within all the other five: empathize.

outdoor learning

Can outdoor learning help hone your students’ learning?


Moving instruction outdoors, at least partially, for subjects that have some applicability outside of the classroom walls, can result in a number of positive outcomes. Subjects like science, mathematics, literature, and art can all benefit from outdoor inspiration. Here are three ways outdoor learning can be beneficial for students:

Bs of online feedback

The 5 Bs of online feedback teachers need to master


The online learning environment has become the new school for almost every student in most countries as a result of the current pandemic. Last time we explored a few tips on how to give feedback to students in the online learning environment. Now let’s move on to what I like to call the Bs of online feedback, that every teacher should know. Here they are:

How an LMS can help teachers keep older students engaged

How an LMS can help teachers keep older students engaged


There are many ways in which education technology can ease the workload of middle school teachers while creating a better learning experience for students. A learning management system may not be the only example, but it sure is one of the most comprehensible solutions educators can turn to.

Digital trends in K-12 education

Focus on 21st-century skills: 3 Digital trends in K-12 education


Edtech allows both students and teachers to create high-quality content and share it with students all over the world, to experiment in virtual and remote laboratories, and learn more about the world. However, a critical approach is essential to differentiate between sources of information, because “all that glitters is not gold” on the Internet.

Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms

Applying Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms


When given time and the necessary tools, teachers can create lessons that are inclusive of all learners, regardless of the setting. With a UDL curriculum in place, the majority of teachers’ work will be to create strong emotional connections with remote students and letting them know that they belong to a community of learners where everyone is valued.


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