Welcome to the NEO blog, the place where we jibber and jabber everything about educational technology, e-learning, and basically 21st century learning in schools. 

This blog, by the way, is a repository for everything about ed tech. Whenever you feel the need to read something new, something fresh, and something modern, save this on your browser’s bookmarks list – you’ll never know when we might come in handy. 

Our main goal is to help students and teachers with their e-learning struggles and try to make e-learning a little bit easier for them to understand. We also want to delve a little deeper into the realms of educational technology such as BYOD classrooms, instructional design and flipped classrooms. 

NEO, by the way, is an LMS for schools and universities that makes it easy to deliver online education. NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, which also provides an LMS for businesses called MATRIX.  

The CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING is Graham Glass, a social entrepreneur, e-learning guru, author and teacher, so expect some blog posts from him discussing everything from classroom BYOD to teacher-student technology gaps. 

Now to start, I am Enzo. A marketing consultant by profession and a passionate e-learning blogger since I was 17. I’m also a Microsoft Education Ambassador and an advocate for education. Because I was a student, my blog post mostly discuss e-learning not just from a student’s insight but also a little on the teacher’s perspective and with that I leverage my experience by writing awesome posts that help readers understand the virtues of modern learning.

We think blogs aren’t just to discuss things – blogs are also there to chat and connect with readers, discuss insightful opinions, and promote healthy debates. We want you to share whatever you might have on your mind while reading our posts because your feedback and comments can help us write better posts in the future and we think that your feedback is, as TED Talks put it, ideas worth spreading.

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