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We’re always looking for great posts! If you’re an expert, thought leader, or you simply have a passion for workplace learning, online training courses, and learning technologies and want to share your ideas with the world, come and write for the NEO Blog!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I write for the NEO Blog?

In just over three years we’ve climbed in the first 4% of all e-learning blogs, according to this mighty list that is constantly updated by Elearning Feeds. We have hundreds of subscribers, thousands of monthly visits from people located around the globe, and more than 30K followers on social media. This means your voice will be heard.

What should I write about?

Anything and everything related to e-learning and educational technologies. The content must be original and useful for our audience of K-12 educators or university professors, school management, and even parents. Practical ideas or clear steps on how to incorporate ed-tech across the curriculum so that students are more engaged, learn better, and get better academic results are great options.

Should I avoid certain topics?

Yes. Those that have absolutely no connection to e-learning or ed-tech. Like blockchain technologies. Or automated irrigation systems. Or goat yoga. You get the point.

Do you expect a full article or is a list of topics enough?

Both can work. You can send a full article for consideration or, if you’re not 100% certain that what you want to write about is a perfect fit for the NEO Blog, you can send just a title or list of topics. We’ll work things out from then on.

How long should my article be?

It should have at least 700 words and preferably under 1500. The sweet spot is around 800-1200.

Can I include links?

We actually encourage you to! But please only include links that provide extra information, are relevant to the context, and come from a reputable source. The more helpful they are to the reader, the better. You can link to academic papers, official reports, appropriate posts on your blog, or on any other site, even websites of useful tools or systems; please avoid linking to 1) our competitors and 2) professional writing services. And when you link to other posts on the NEO Blog, that makes us happy. No affiliate or paid links, please.

What about images?

We take copyright issues seriously, so if you want a particular picture to go with the article, please mention your right to use it or its source if it only needs attribution. Please note that we have a library of pictures for the blog, so you can choose not to worry about this aspect.

Are there any style guidelines I should keep in mind?

  • Where possible, include subheading, lists or quotes.
  • Try to avoid long phrases or long paragraphs.
  • Use casual, everyday words rather than academic or formal language.
  • Avoid overly promotional language.
  • When applicable, include expert advice.
  • We aim to be consistent with using “e-learning” and “edtech” even though other forms for each of these terms exist and are not wrong.
  • We allow the use of “they” as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun.
  • Because we’re based in the U.S., we use American spellings (for example, “color” instead of “colour”).

Will you edit my post?

Yes. Mostly we’ll edit for content and clarity or for SEO purposes. We promise these tweaks won’t change your unique voice.

What about my author bio?

Please send a short description of about 30 words. Feel free to include links here that promote your activity. Also include a picture of you — a headshot or an avatar — of at least 100 x 100px.

When you’ll have at least five articles published on the NEO Blog you’ll also get an author page.

Can I republish my submission on my blog or site?

Of course you can! We only ask to add the canonical tag to the original link and a mention within the text on your blog, so that both readers and search engines know where that content first appeared. We don’t want duplicate content issues on our blog and neither do you. Also, please wait at least a month before you republish.

Do you pay for submissions?

We do not.

Do you accept payment in return to publishing my article?

No. Only content of great value will get your article published. No sponsored posts, please.

Where can I send my article or ideas to?

You can use the contact form just under this FAQ section or you can contact us at

I just sent a post. Now what?

We’ll be in touch within the next one or two weeks if it feels like a good fit for the blog at this time. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to try again with a different article. We deeply value your stories and insights, and we’re thrilled that you’d like to share them on the NEO Blog!

What should I do after my article is published?

We’d love for you to share it on social media. We promise we’ll do the same.

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