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The posts in this category cover subjects teachers and professors involved in delivering 21st century education might find useful or at least interesting.

fundamentals of student-centered learning

Understanding the fundamentals of student-centered learning


Even though everyone is talking about student-centered learning, it doesn’t mean that everyone knows exactly what to do to achieve it; there are just so many ways to get there. Understanding the fundamentals of student-centered learning — that students’ voice must be heard, teachers are becoming learning facilitators and that they need technology to make the best decisions — is a great first step.

lesson planning to ease teacher workload

Teacher tricks: Better lesson planning to ease teacher workload


In my previous post we looked at ways that technology can assist teacher to save time, and extract greater value from their time spent managing data. It’s time to focus on the second item of the above list. Today we take a look at Lesson Planning, and tech-enabled tips and tricks teachers can employ to streamline this time-heavy process.

teacher workload

Teaching tricks: Better data strategies to ease teacher workload


Teacher stress and workload is a serious crisis that is bleeding the education system of some of its brightest lights. Teachers are the fastest shrinking position type in the US! There are three main pressure points when it comes to time teachers are spending on work that is not teaching: data management, lesson planning and grading. This post will focus on a few better data strategies to ease teacher workload.

great spaces to learn

The school of tomorrow: Designing great spaces to learn


Traditional classroom layouts (sometimes called the “graveyard layout”) have long been identified as a obstacle in addressing different learning modes. Teachers today accept that there are in fact 20 different variables that define an individual student’s learning mode and interior design and architecture have a real impact on our ability to study. So how can we design great spaces to learn?

next generation learning elementary schools

Next Generation Learning: Elementary School


This series has told the stories of some of the grant recipients of the Next Generation Learning Challenges program, describing schools that have taken seriously the need to adapt, modify and in some cases entirely reinvent learning modes, and teaching models using technology as a basis. In our third and final blog in our series on the Next Generation Learning Challenges we’ll explore successes in the elementary school context.

content writing skills

Raising world class content creators by teaching these 4 skills


Whether you are teaching your students to write a thesis, create content for the school website, write proposals, or to take part in an international essay competition, there are certain skill sets that need to be imparted. Originality, proper paragraph arrangement, and catchy content are just the basics. Content creators are expected to write quality content in any given field. To do this, several skills have to be taught.

next generation learning: personalization

Next Generation Learning: Personalization


Where last time we drew attention to schools that had made innovative leaps in assessment protocols, today we look at schools that are taking the design of personalized learning pathways seriously. Fully transforming a large and established high school such as Vista Unified is no mean feat, and reading the story of Vista Unified is both illuminating and encouraging.

Next Generation Learning: Assessments

Next Generation Learning: Assessments


“Next generation” learning is a concept promoted by a program called Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), run by the non-profit Educause. Check out a great case study that demonstrates how far we can go in reinventing traditional educational tropes such as grades, to develop better, more flexible and personalized assessments that serve to truly empower a student’s onward journey into college or the workplace.

Tech-up your Classroom

14 Quick ways to tech-up your classroom [INFOGRAPHIC]


We are fond of a quite in-depth approach on this blog, and try and drill down to the bare bones of a debate or subject, but today I will put aside the complexities of migrating to a flipped or tech-enabled classroom, and instead offer you a quick listicle of a bunch of fun, useful, trendy and simple ways to bring tech to a classroom near you. In no order of preference, check out some of these easy ways to power up your edtech journey.

Teacher Tips: Handling a Helicopter Parent

Teacher Tips: Handling a Helicopter Parent


While overbearing parenting comes from a place of good intentions, it can be damaging to a child’s process and psychology. It can also affect your process as a teacher, and the relationship you have developed with the student. So let’s look at some basic, practical ways you can limit the anxiety for everyone involved: open the door to communication, set boundaries from the beginning, and nurture responsibility constantly.


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