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4 Ways to promote collaboration in digital spaces

4 Ways to promote collaboration in digital spaces


Whether we are in virtual, hybrid, or in-person learning, it is important to have a variety of versatile tools that help us transition between these spaces and also expand the when and where learning happens. Here are four ideas to promote collaboration in digital spaces:

copyright rules for students and teachers

5 Basic copyright rules for students and teachers


When designing online learning content, teachers and students should not forget that not all images, videos, and texts that are available online can be used freely. So let’s explore five copyright rules that every student and teacher should know by heart:

Principles of effective instruction

5 Principles of effective instruction adapted for online teaching


The principles of effective teaching are evidence-based guidelines to help all educators become master teachers. However, as a teacher, you might find it difficult to apply all of these principles online. They need to be adapted to work online, at least until everyone can safely return to face to face classes.

Let's talk a good game Mining talk shows for classroom engagement ideas

Let’s talk a good game: Mining talk shows for classroom engagement ideas


With the job to provide entertainment to people who can switch a channel any time they get bored, talk-show hosts know how to gain their viewers’ attention. There is no reason that educators can’t adapt some of these techniques, such as the games they play with their guests, for the classroom.

each student needs a personalized learning path

Why each student needs a personalized learning path

Students, Teachers

Designing personalized learning paths for students is still a work in progress, with so many variables that affect the degree of personalization. As education technologies develop in this direction, educators will be able to improve their work further and achieve better results

teacher memes for 2020

Our favorite teacher memes for 2020


2020 made us realize how things could change in the blink of an eye. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. We are still teachers, still doing what we know best, but in very different conditions. However, let’s try to end this year on a positive note, with some teacher memes:

hexagonal approach to learning

What every teacher should know about the hexagonal approach to learning


The hexagonal approach to learning is worth considering. Using the visual shape with six sides, teachers can create successful learning experiences, and students benefit from a clear structure to assign to the content they study by connecting hexagons that include different notions or aspects to form new ideas.

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020


Myths have a way to infiltrate our collective knowledge because they appeal to our intuition, become very popular, get overhyped by being repeated over and over. Shedding light on some popular education myths guides us towards much better, evidence-based practices. So let’s explore some popular educational myths that we’d rather forget about in 2021:

How to grow your confidence in using edtech these days

How to grow your confidence with using edtech these days


Teaching is a wonderful job that is under constant change. That’s why it’s paramount to understand the capabilities, benefits, and opportunities of edtech, ask for the support you need to embrace edtech and be confident in your abilities to implement it successfully in your classroom, whether online or face-to-face.

optimism the key to excellent teaching

Is optimism the key to excellent teaching?


While all students are different and require a certain degree of individualized attention, each of them can change the way they think about success and failure, replacing inaccurate and unhelpful beliefs with more realistic ones. Optimism isn’t about being positive all the time but learning how to recover from setbacks and being more at ease with challenging tasks.


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