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music improves young students’ reading

Rhythm, blues, and reading cues: How music improves young students’ reading skills


By the time a child is in second grade, they often become self-conscious if they fall behind and may begin to display behavioral issues. While not all children will learn to read on the same schedule, there are things we can do as parents and educators to encourage the process. One of the simplest and most profoundly effective methods for encouraging literacy is music.

rainy-day activities

Indoor fun: rainy-day activities will help kids to learn, too


Keeping kids active on a rainy day is a real trick these days, considering the temptation to plop down in front of the TV, switch on the gaming console, or spend hours on Facebook. There are however many unique ways to get children up and moving on a rainy day with ideas that encourage group coordination, strategy, dexterity, and sportsmanship. Best of all, your kids will burn off all that pent-up energy in healthy and positive ways.

kids with their homework

Easy, painless ways to help your kids with their homework


All parents want their children to be successful and getting good grades can be a crucial first step towards that success. How can you help your child succeed in a world where teachers assign more homework than ever? Luckily, there are many things you can do as a parent and none of them require you doing homework for your child. Read on to find out a few of them.

educational online activities

How single parents can help their kids find fun, educational online activities


For single parents, it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down all the safe online spaces for young people; even sites that seem kid-friendly can have social networking features that can be an issue for young children. Here are a few ideas on what kind of educational online activities can parents engage in with their young children and some corresponding sites and apps that your child can utilize for fun and learning.

Student data security

World Backup Day March 31st: Student data security


More than a million cases of child identity theft are reported every year and, as school districts continue to introduce students to new technology and advanced digital curriculum, Internet safety education is becoming an increasingly essential tool when preventing cybercrime. Student data security should be a hot topic for everyone; here is what parents can do as their part of this complicated equation.

helicopter parents

Helicopter parent? 3 Good reasons to stop hovering


While it all starts with the best intentions, being a helicopter parent will have more negative consequences over the development of your child in the long run. There’s an amounting number of studies that back this up. So check out these three reasons why you should give yourself and your child a break and remember that struggle is a prerequisite to building strength and character in children.

Future proofing our students through education

Future proofing our students through education


The future, it seems, is not so much filled with flying cars and pollution-eating nanorobots as with hordes of the tech-ladened, luxuriating in idleness who no longer want to cook or look after themselves and their families. Somehow I can’t imagine today’s new parents happily signing their child up for a K-12 syllabus rich in burger flipping and nursing. So where is the middle-ground? What do we know for sure about what the future will demand of our graduates? Here follows an opinion about future proofing our students.

How sleep can improve school performance

Ensuring your child’s brain is active in school through a good night sleep


Factors relating to poor sleep have been found to have a significant impact on school performance. The major cause is the pressure that students feel when having to juggle academics, extracurricular activities, family time, and a social life. The buildup of stress can lead to sleepless nights, which can be detrimental to their schoolwork. Lack of sleep makes it harder for children to retain information. And it becomes an even bigger issue when they have to take exams.

working memory exercises for students

Working memory exercises for students of all ages


For educators and parents of students, understanding how working memory helps students, and how it can be improved can be incredibly helpful in assisting students to get the most out of their education. Students, who might otherwise fall behind for reasons due to memory, can independently strengthen their working memory and take charge of the difficulty they’re facing in their education.

montessori education

Could technology ever be part of Montessori education?


Children today are surrounded by technology, just like they are surrounded by nature. Therefore, why shouldn’t technology be integrated into the incredibly successful method of education that is Montessori? If technology is part of our children’s world, why should it be overlooked in their learning process?