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How parents can set up a productive home learning space for students


Providing a productive home learning space is about more than plonking down a desk and monitor in the corner of a room. A truly invigorating study space should inspire students to learn and reinforce positive habits. Here are some ideas for creating a good home learning space:

World Teachers' Day

Making educators’ lives easier for World Teachers’ Day


October 5th is all about celebrating the wonderful educators around the world. At the same time, this day is also about supporting teachers so that every learner can have access to quality education. This World Teachers’ Day, let’s do something different and celebrate teachers not just through words but actions. Not just today, but for the entire school year!

4 Great examples of edtech that eases parent-teacher communication

4 Great examples of edtech that eases parent-teacher communication

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The internet is full of solutions that offer different communication opportunities, but there are a few that provide a complex and comprehensive experience that enhances school-home connectivity and fosters transparency. Let’s check out some of the best apps to ease parent-teacher communication:

edtech strengthens parental engagement

How edtech strengthens parental engagement in online learning


Edtech brings new ways for parents to know more about school activities and their children’s progress in each subject they are learning, and generally be more present in their whole learning experience. There are at least three avenues that support parental engagement through educational technologies, so let’s explore them!

edtech boosts parent engagement

How edtech boosts parent engagement in schools


Building strong teacher-parent relationships takes time and patience. Schools need to prepare the ground for clear communication, expectation setting, and even conflict resolution. However, finding the right edtech tools can have tremendous benefits, especially when it comes to supporting students in their learning journey.

What can parents do about cyberbullying

What can parents do to keep their kids safe in the context of cyberbullying?


There can be no doubt that the Internet has a dark side, in some cases quite prevalent and noticeable and in others nuanced and unapparent. Cyberbullying puts teenagers on both sides of the fence at risk, making it ever more important for parents to understand the behavior, its consequences, and how to prevent and manage it. Parents can intervene in a potentially dangerous cyberbullying situation.

EdTech that transforms access for physically disabled students

EdTech that transforms access for physically disabled students

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Eye-gaze technology is offering physically disabled students enormous freedom in terms of accessing education, communication, information and entertainment. It has created the greatest advance in access for people with serious immobility. I have curated a few tips and tricks that educators and parents should consider when using new technologies to increase and improve their students’ interface with the world.

child involved in STEM learning

The best 4 tips to get your child involved in STEM learning


The key to getting a child involved in these topics is to make them fun and easy to understand. With more teachers across the U.S. looking for ways to do just that, it’s easier than ever for parents to get involved, and technology plays a crucial role. With edtech at our fingertips at all times, STEM is the most accessible it’s ever been. Keep reading for some wonderful tips on how to help your child foster a love of these concepts.