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getting students excited about e-learning

9 Tips for getting students excited about e-learning


By finding ways to make e-learning fun and engaging, parents can ensure that students get as much out of a year of e-learning as possible. In fact, e-learning can even highlight some new possibilities that weren’t possible in the physical classroom.

digital wellbeing during remote teaching

PERMA 2.0 or digital wellbeing during remote teaching


Since remote teaching and learning might continue for a while, it’s high time to reconsider digital wellbeing for both students and teachers and adopt some guidelines for this new normal. By putting a spin to the PERMA model, we can overcome this challenge

Benefits of online learning for educators

5 Benefits of online learning for educators


Beyond having the power to make education accessible, even during a global pandemic, there are many advantages to online learning. In this post, we explore five benefits of online learning for educators.

future-proofing education

Why edtech plays a big role in future-proofing education


Back when this school year started, nobody would have imagined just how different the world would become by the end of it. We can never know what the future holds, nor how close it actually is. But integrating edtech into the daily lives of students, teachers, parents, and everyone in the entire education community could prove key to future-proofing education.

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms


Edtech can help students and teachers implement the 5E teaching model online, as an LMS can offer a wide range of solutions for each stage. However, especially during these challenging times, the 5E model could benefit from an additional E, which can be integrated within all the other five: empathize.

Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms

Applying Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms


When given time and the necessary tools, teachers can create lessons that are inclusive of all learners, regardless of the setting. With a UDL curriculum in place, the majority of teachers’ work will be to create strong emotional connections with remote students and letting them know that they belong to a community of learners where everyone is valued.

online teaching improves inclusivity

How online teaching improves inclusivity in education


The promise of education in the 21st century is for no child to be left behind. However, some students have been left behind by the traditional model of teaching in the classroom. By moving parts of a class or entire classes online, teachers can ensure that every student is being reached.

Authentic learning and edtech

Authentic learning and edtech: A match made in heaven


Authentic learning is all about going back to basics: learning and experimenting to solve everyday problems. It is successfully used in both K12 and higher education. We believe that with a pinch of edtech it could be a good solution for many students across the globe.

Online teaching hacks

7 Online teaching hacks instructors need to know


The sudden pivot to digital learning has thrown the education system into flux. But there are a few online teaching hacks that instructors can adopt now. Here are 7 tips for making the digital teaching experience more fruitful for everyone involved: