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take immersive learning into your classroom

Top 10 reasons to take immersive learning into your classroom


Technology has made immersive learning a reality rather than an impossible notion. You can adopt various ways to make this possible in the classroom, including incorporating virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and gamification. Remember that integrating this form of learning in the classroom is for students’ benefits, and the return on investment is inherently rewarding, eventually.

financial literacy with education technology

Teaching students financial literacy with education technology


Teaching children about financial literacy actually works, but it’s important to focus on skills applicable to children’s everyday lives, so they’re able to start relevant conversations with their parents at home. Ultimately, using education technology to teach finance to students provides them with a fun, interactive, and personalized learning experience which sets them up for success.

digital portfolio guidelines

7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance


Teachers need to teach effectively as well as evaluate student performance and digital portfolios can be a good compromise between the two. In the end, students seem to benefit the most from this approach as they take a more active role in their learning. They are also encouraged to showcase their digital portfolios and take advantage of future opportunities.

classroom tech that improves education

6 Examples of classroom tech that improves education


Technology in the classroom has come a long way. It is now more accessible than ever to create interactive lessons, implement PBL projects, offer personalized learning and organize classroom activities. Here are 6 examples of classroom tech that improves education :

edtech a win-win solution

Is edtech a win-win solution for students and educators?


Educators can identify meaningful and effective learning tools to ensure teaching and learning is at its very best — not only helping students succeed, but providing ways for them to streamline workloads. Edtech really does seem a win-win solution for students and educators.

ed-tech can enhance collaborative learning

How ed-tech can enhance collaborative learning in the classroom


One aspect that will forever be a part of the learning process of student is collaboration. Even though collaboration is deeply human, education technology can support and enhance it. Here are a few examples of ed-tech that teachers can use in their instruction to do just that:

Meeting the needs of introverted students

Meeting the needs of introverted students with e-learning


All students bring colour and individuality to their classrooms, no matter if they’re introverted or extroverted. Great teachers know that when students’ learning needs are met they can thrive academically. All students can benefit from having e-learning included in their instruction, but introverts will rejoice.

EdTech that sparks joy

EdTech that “Sparks Joy”


Marie Kondo is upon us, like a modern-day Mary Poppins she is sweeping our lives clean of clutter with Zen-like élan. Ever keen to catch a trend on the upswing, I’ve curated a list of EdTech tools, apps and programs (for both K-12 and more senior students) that are not only effective, but teach through joy.

assessments with ed-tech

3 Teachers that are crushing assessments with ed-tech


Assessments are the unloved orphan of schooling — no-one likes them. They are typically named as one of the most time-consuming activities for teachers, and debates continue on how effective current standards of assessment are in actually measuring what students know, vs. simply measuring teacher and school performance.

m-learning is transforming online education

The current ways m-learning is making online education better


M-learning takes a step further on the journey started by online education and makes it possible for students to do all the learning they do online regardless of where they are. Mobile devices therefore allow students to get the benefits of online lessons, but those lessons can also happen anytime anywhere, creating a new level of immersion.