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SEL skills in online education

Teaching SEL skills in online education


Bringing SEL in the classroom is not the latest fad, but an essential core component of any educational system that wants to help students have well-balanced social and emotional lives. Let’s see how we can approach the five core SEL competencies in online education!

DOs and DON’Ts in Project-Based Learning

10 DOs and DON’Ts in Project-Based Learning


If we want to raise our children to be independent, creative, and self-sufficient, PBL might help a lot. Moreover, PBL can boost social and soft-skills, as working on a project implies collaboration and communication with colleagues.

digital wellbeing during remote teaching

PERMA 2.0 or digital wellbeing during remote teaching


Since remote teaching and learning might continue for a while, it’s high time to reconsider digital wellbeing for both students and teachers and adopt some guidelines for this new normal. By putting a spin to the PERMA model, we can overcome this challenge

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms

Adapting the 5E teaching model to remote classrooms


Edtech can help students and teachers implement the 5E teaching model online, as an LMS can offer a wide range of solutions for each stage. However, especially during these challenging times, the 5E model could benefit from an additional E, which can be integrated within all the other five: empathize.

Digital trends in K-12 education

Focus on 21st-century skills: 3 Digital trends in K-12 education


Edtech allows both students and teachers to create high-quality content and share it with students all over the world, to experiment in virtual and remote laboratories, and learn more about the world. However, a critical approach is essential to differentiate between sources of information, because “all that glitters is not gold” on the Internet.

Authentic learning and edtech

Authentic learning and edtech: A match made in heaven


Authentic learning is all about going back to basics: learning and experimenting to solve everyday problems. It is successfully used in both K12 and higher education. We believe that with a pinch of edtech it could be a good solution for many students across the globe.

overcome resistance to online education in Higher Ed

How to overcome resistance to online education in Higher Ed

E-learning, Higher Ed

Integrating online teaching in the curriculum should not be considered only an ad-hoc solution to the current crisis, but a long-term strategy for sustainable results. What we learn during this crisis might be helpful for us in the future as well. Here are a few ideas on how to overcome any resistance to online education:

Emergency remote teaching

On challenges and opportunities: Emergency remote teaching


The threat of the new virus has come with a set of unprecedented challenges for Higher Education institutions. Emergency remote teaching may be just a coping mechanism, but it is a valuable exercise in developing a coherent online education strategy for the future. A challenge is an opportunity in disguise, after all.

The future of STEM education

3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


A STEM curriculum is based on the key idea that disciplines should not be taught as separate and discrete subjects, but in an integrated manner that focuses on real-life application, to create problem-solving skills. If we use technology in real life to find innovative solutions to technical problems, why not use them with STEM students as well?

teach empathy to K-12 students

3 Great ideas on how to teach empathy to K-12 students


When we talk about empathy, we tend to see it as an innate ability: you either have it or you don’t. However, empathy can be taught and the earlier we teach it, the better. In K-12 education, teaching empathy might help students deal with their insecurities, improve their self-esteem and boost their abilities to make friends.


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