Digital humanities in Higher Education

Digital humanities in Higher Education

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The field of digital humanities places strong emphasis on openness, self-criticism and reflection. Advanced cross-sections between the written word and digital technology are creating new areas of study in the humanities, especially in Higher Education, from digital archiving to topic modeling and many more.

literature in the digital age

Teaching and reading literature in the digital age

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The educational possibilities within the world of physical books, library artifacts, fiction and classic literature have only just begun to be explored by pioneering pedagogs (primarily in higher education). Using technology that assists students to delve into fictional texts in both vertical, and horizontal ways, educators are reviving both the context and the content of classic literature for contemporary students.

Time-saving hacks every teacher absolutely needs

38 Time-saving hacks every teacher absolutely needs

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On a fundamental level, when we save time we are also in fact creating time, creating spaces for more experiences, learning — or in most teachers’ cases — a well-deserved nap! So without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s delve into 38 of my top time saving tips!

EdTech that sparks joy

EdTech that “Sparks Joy”

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Marie Kondo is upon us, like a modern-day Mary Poppins she is sweeping our lives clean of clutter with Zen-like élan. Ever keen to catch a trend on the upswing, I’ve curated a list of EdTech tools, apps and programs (for both K-12 and more senior students) that are not only effective, but teach through joy.

assessments with ed-tech

3 Teachers that are crushing assessments with ed-tech

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Assessments are the unloved orphan of schooling — no-one likes them. They are typically named as one of the most time-consuming activities for teachers, and debates continue on how effective current standards of assessment are in actually measuring what students know, vs. simply measuring teacher and school performance.

best videos on the future of education

The very best videos on the future of education

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YouTube may be a rabbit-hole of clickable memes and fun compilations, but it’s also home to some essential watching for teachers and parents looking to understand not only key EdTech trends, but also the nuances of current K12 and higher education debates. So check out the very best videos on the future of education I could find:

Digital literacy vs. Computer literacy

Digital literacy vs. Computer literacy: Students need to develop both

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There are surprising findings that many recent high school graduates arrive in the workplace or college without sufficient computer skills.While the ability to consider information through a critical eye is no doubt an essential component of survival in this information drenched age, we cannot lose sight of the cohort of students that are passing through our digital literacy classes without also assimilating basic computer skills.

Computer literacy

Computer literacy: The invisible skills gap?

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I have found that a great many sites and authors interchange and conflate “computer literacy” and “digital literacy”. The problem is, the concept of “digital natives” is in fact a fallacy – and one that is creating a serious blindspot in what we think is appropriate workplace and college preparation, and what is actually required.

EdTech definitions 2

EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of our EdTech terminology post, where we hope to give you a relatively simple roadmap to help navigate the thickets of education technology buzzwords and phrases that tend to appear in discussions and debates. This time I will zero in on a few education-based phrases that are often conflated or interchanged leading to a lack of clarity.

EdTech definitions every teacher should know

EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1

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Not only are the wide variety of acronyms found in the world of EdTech confusing, but there is quite a bit of overlap — as well as misuse — of terms that can make navigating the literature (in particular online literature) on the subject of EdTech confusing and unhelpful. So check out these EdTech definitions every teacher should know!