4 Ways to promote collaboration in digital spaces

4 Ways to promote collaboration in digital spaces


Whether we are in virtual, hybrid, or in-person learning, it is important to have a variety of versatile tools that help us transition between these spaces and also expand the when and where learning happens. Here are four ideas to promote collaboration in digital spaces:

explore and create with Augmented and Virtual Reality

7 Ways to explore and create with Augmented and Virtual Reality


Through the use of AR/VR tools, students can connect more closely with what they are studying and build upon their knowledge by creating authentic representations of what they have learned. Here are 7 options to get started with that can be used in STEM/STEAM courses or in any content area!

tools for hybrid learning environments

6 Digital storytelling tools for hybrid learning environments


There are many online tools that provide students with more choices in how to show what they are learning in our classrooms, helping them to develop essential SEL skills while in virtual learning environments. Using these options also helps with any transitions we may need to make during the year, as these can be used while in our physical classroom spaces as well as virtual learning spaces.

anywhere learning

Starting the year: Ideas for anywhere learning


There are many ways to kick off the new school year that will work and be helpful whether we are in our classrooms, in a hybrid learning model, or fully virtual learning. Here are five ideas to get started with:

Exploring new ideas and skills in the summer

Exploring new ideas and skills in the summer


Summer typically means more time for outdoor activities, camps, classes, and other in-person events. Check out these six resources to engage in some fun summer virtual camps and learning experiences. Simply choosing one to begin with will provide many benefits for learning and promoting student curiosity and engagement in new learning experiences.

Student-driven remote learning

Exploring new ideas: Student-driven remote learning


By providing different choices through the many digital tools and methods available, our students are empowered to drive their learning, determine their personal interests, and in the process, build essential skills, and develop empathy. We also create opportunities to help our students develop social-emotional learning (SEL) skills while at home during this time.

teaching about Artificial Intelligence

6 Resources for teaching about Artificial Intelligence


By understanding how Artificial Intelligence is being used in our daily lives and then providing some opportunities for students to explore one of these resources, we can build our knowledge together. There are many resources out there to try, we simply need to start with one and let students take the lead and teach us as well.

digital tools to help students develop a variety of skills

Using digital tools to help students develop a variety of skills


There are many digital tools that can be used in the classroom to build a variety of skills. To decide where to start, think about some of the tasks that might be taking up a lot of your time, or reflect on some issues or challenges you might be having. With so many options available, we can provide something for all students that can meet their interests and specific learning needs.

Edtech tools to try out this year

5 Edtech tools to try out this year


Each year I like to explore different digital tools in my classroom to see what kind of an impact they will make on students and learning. With so many options out there, finding the ones that will benefit our students can take some time, however there are enough which are easy to get started with and that offer ready-made lessons or activities, which is a plus for busy educators.

Learning and growing as educators

Learning and growing as educators


Professional development today is greatly changed compared to how it was in the past because we now have access to different resources. The power of learning whenever we connect with others and share our stories and our experiences, really serves to amplify the learning potential. When educators seize the opportunity to try new things and continue to grow, we can provide our best selves for those we lead and learn with.


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