3 Ways edtech can help education get back on track

3 Ways edtech can help education get back on track


In addition to personalizing learning and teaching, education technology is a valuable tool in getting education back on track in the post-pandemic era. Edtech providers also need to address challenges affecting education systems, meet changing needs, and provide effective technologies for teaching and learning.

outdoor learning

Can outdoor learning help hone your students’ learning?


Moving instruction outdoors, at least partially, for subjects that have some applicability outside of the classroom walls, can result in a number of positive outcomes. Subjects like science, mathematics, literature, and art can all benefit from outdoor inspiration. Here are three ways outdoor learning can be beneficial for students:

teach Art remotely

Top tech to teach Art remotely

E-learning, Teachers

Although online tutoring for subjects of an academic nature has been popular for quite some time, creative fields like art are also enjoying an increased online presence. Taking art teaching to a completely virtual environment, however, is a big step, as it typically involves more of a hands-on approach than academic teachings do.

What students need to remember about cybersecurity

E-learning smarts: What students need to remember about cybersecurity


Good cybersecurity practices are as essential as knowing the safety protocols needed prior to crossing the street. As the future is leaning heavily toward the digital frontier, educators need to roll with the times in order to help their students prepare. Knowing a thing or two about cybersecurity do’s and don’ts can also help the educator in their own lives and in future classrooms they hold.

financial literacy with education technology

Teaching students financial literacy with education technology


Teaching children about financial literacy actually works, but it’s important to focus on skills applicable to children’s everyday lives, so they’re able to start relevant conversations with their parents at home. Ultimately, using education technology to teach finance to students provides them with a fun, interactive, and personalized learning experience which sets them up for success.

tracking academic performance can nip (cyber)bullying in the bud

How tracking academic performance can nip (cyber)bullying in the bud

School Management

Around 17% of American students experience bullying two to three times a month and according to the US Department of Health & Human Services, 50 percent of children aged 4 through 12 are bullied. Aside from children reporting instances of bullying and cyberbullying to their parents and teachers, experts note that the public school system has other options to help students. Tracking a student’s performance is one of those ways.

content writing skills

Raising world class content creators by teaching these 4 skills


Whether you are teaching your students to write a thesis, create content for the school website, write proposals, or to take part in an international essay competition, there are certain skill sets that need to be imparted. Originality, proper paragraph arrangement, and catchy content are just the basics. Content creators are expected to write quality content in any given field. To do this, several skills have to be taught.

game design in the classroom

Introducing game design into the modern classroom


From individualized learning to hand eye coordination, the vast number of skills students learn through the use of technology will be invaluable for their future. It is easy to see why applications for computer based subject courses are on the rise. Introducing game design into the classroom can encapsulate all the benefits of working with technology, while preparing students for a future in an industry that is fast growing.

working memory exercises for students

Working memory exercises for students of all ages


For educators and parents of students, understanding how working memory helps students, and how it can be improved can be incredibly helpful in assisting students to get the most out of their education. Students, who might otherwise fall behind for reasons due to memory, can independently strengthen their working memory and take charge of the difficulty they’re facing in their education.