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digital wellness for students

4 Steps towards digital wellness for students


Excessive screen time and a lack of responsibility for time spent online is detrimental to students’ digital wellbeing. Schools can take charge and teach their students how to build better habits, whether it is by teaching internet etiquette or encouraging parents to set boundaries. In the end, digital wellbeing is about learning how to spend quality and not quantity time.

smart speakers for the classroom

Exploring the most popular smart speakers for the classroom


As schools are starting to use more and more AI in their daily activities, there is a huge potential for digital assistants to take on more routine work, so that teachers can focus on teaching and interacting with their students. Read on to find out what are the most common options that teachers can choose from in terms of AI-powered smart speakers for the classroom:

green screen in classroom activities

Green light for using green screen in classroom activities


Green screen is by no means new technology, but it’s fun and relatively easy to use in the classroom. While you only need a few supplies and plenty of imagination, it can be incorporated in many activities. Plus, it’s a way to get students more involved and jazz up school presentations for a fraction of the cost of other tech tools.

digital portfolio guidelines

7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance


Teachers need to teach effectively as well as evaluate student performance and digital portfolios can be a good compromise between the two. In the end, students seem to benefit the most from this approach as they take a more active role in their learning. They are also encouraged to showcase their digital portfolios and take advantage of future opportunities.

classroom tech that improves education

6 Examples of classroom tech that improves education


Technology in the classroom has come a long way. It is now more accessible than ever to create interactive lessons, implement PBL projects, offer personalized learning and organize classroom activities. Here are 6 examples of classroom tech that improves education :

make the most of ISTE

10 Tips for teachers to make the most of ISTE


ISTE 2019 is fast approaching, and as enthusiasm levels rise, so does the pressure to see it all and do it all. Here are our top ten tips for everyone attending ISTE this year, but especially for teachers. Follow our guidelines to make the most of your ISTE experience!

edtech boosts parent engagement

How edtech boosts parent engagement in schools


Building strong teacher-parent relationships takes time and patience. Schools need to prepare the ground for clear communication, expectation setting, and even conflict resolution. However, finding the right edtech tools can have tremendous benefits, especially when it comes to supporting students in their learning journey.

Transforming our schools through empathy

Transforming our schools through empathy

School Management

Empathy makes the world go round, or at least helps schools become the loving and caring environment that students need to succeed, no matter their background. Implementing a more empathic approach in schools helps support wellbeing for everyone involved, having a ripple effect on entire communities.

Teaching empathy for better learning outcomes

Teaching empathy for better learning outcomes


Students learn better in a warm and welcoming environment. They also reap the full benefits of social learning by having better relationships with their peers. Empathy can improve academic performance, but also in the long run help students be better listeners, colleagues, and even digital citizens.

empathic mindset approach to classroom management

The benefits of an empathic mindset approach to classroom management


Adopting an empathic mindset approach to classroom management comes with many benefits. Teachers who empathize with students will take less drastic disciplinary approaches and therefore the student-teacher relationships are improved. In turn, teachers find it easier to manage their class.


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