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change the way we teach digital citizenship

Should we radically change the way we teach digital citizenship?


While digital citizenship has been a trend for many years, not all schools have a comprehensive program to address the most critical topics that affect almost every young person today. Here are some things that should be at the forefront of teaching digital citizenship with ideas on creating activities centered around the positives:

Principles of effective instruction

5 Principles of effective instruction adapted for online teaching


The principles of effective teaching are evidence-based guidelines to help all educators become master teachers. However, as a teacher, you might find it difficult to apply all of these principles online. They need to be adapted to work online, at least until everyone can safely return to face to face classes.

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020


Myths have a way to infiltrate our collective knowledge because they appeal to our intuition, become very popular, get overhyped by being repeated over and over. Shedding light on some popular education myths guides us towards much better, evidence-based practices. So let’s explore some popular educational myths that we’d rather forget about in 2021:

optimism the key to excellent teaching

Is optimism the key to excellent teaching?


While all students are different and require a certain degree of individualized attention, each of them can change the way they think about success and failure, replacing inaccurate and unhelpful beliefs with more realistic ones. Optimism isn’t about being positive all the time but learning how to recover from setbacks and being more at ease with challenging tasks.

minimize cheating in online assessments

How to minimize cheating in online assessments


Remote learning has been around for quite some time, and online instructors have some tricks up their sleeves to create engaging and cheating-free assessments. Let’s see how the most skilled teachers deal with academic dishonesty in the online classroom:

The truth about Maslow before Bloom

The truth about “Maslow before Bloom”


Misunderstood theories don’t support excellent teaching. Although famous, Maslow’s HN is controversial and has limited empirical support. Teachers, while awesome at what they do, cannot do it all by themselves. We need to look at the bigger picture if we want to apply “Maslow before Bloom”.

What does an edtech coordinator do?

What does an edtech coordinator do?

School Management

The edtech coordinator knows edtech inside out and helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. Yet, we need to look at the big picture to see just how much impact such a role can have on improving teaching and learning. So let’s see what are the most important ways in which an edtech coordinator helps schools transform their daily activities:

What 5 chatbots tell us about the future of HE

What 5 chatbots tell us about the future of HE

Higher Ed

Chatbots are great for answering routine questions and show great potential in personalized learning so that all students can have a great experience. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure that future generations will be prepared for the AI revolution.

mindfulness activities for the virtual classroom

9 Easy mindfulness activities for the virtual classroom


Mindfulness-based intervention can improve cognitive performance, resilience, and mental health. It can also help students focus during lessons. The easiest way to start a mindfulness practice in your own physical or virtual classroom is to incorporate short and easy techniques in your everyday lessons.


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