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4 Tips for teachers to make the most of edtech


Teachers play a crucial role in the successful use of edtech in the classroom, especially now, when every classroom is either hybrid or virtual. Those who manage to achieve great results understand the importance of finding the right edtech, align it with students’ learning objectives, don’t overlook the hardware side of edtech, and are active in their edtech communities.

LMS is central to an effective e-learning strategy

6 Ways in which an LMS is central to an effective e-learning strategy


Schools can take advantage of the current situation to implement an effective edtech strategy and centralise all their learning resources and student progress data. This enables schools to save time and provide more accurate evaluations, freeing up teachers to dedicate more attention to the individual student’s needs.

adaptive learning to personalize learning experiences

Using adaptive learning to personalize learning experiences


With the rise of artificial intelligence within ed-tech, educators are more important than ever. Because it’s still the teachers who teach, not the technology. Here’s how teachers can harness the power of adaptive learning to create personalized online learning experiences:

future-proofing education

Why edtech plays a big role in future-proofing education


Back when this school year started, nobody would have imagined just how different the world would become by the end of it. We can never know what the future holds, nor how close it actually is. But integrating edtech into the daily lives of students, teachers, parents, and everyone in the entire education community could prove key to future-proofing education.

How an LMS can help teachers keep older students engaged

How an LMS can help teachers keep older students engaged


There are many ways in which education technology can ease the workload of middle school teachers while creating a better learning experience for students. A learning management system may not be the only example, but it sure is one of the most comprehensible solutions educators can turn to.

How an LMS can supports a school’s edtech strategy

How an LMS can support a school’s edtech strategy


Edtech can reduce a school’s administrative burden through various systems and automated processes, and also improve the student learning experience through engaging learning materials, targeted support during the learning process, assessment of mastery and progress tracking.

Distance learning during the pandemic

Distance learning during the pandemic: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!


The recent pandemic has forced people out of their comfort zone and into a whirlpool of changes. Education has been disrupted for millions of students of all ages across the world, constraining schools and educators to fall on distance learning and education technologies to ensure the continuity of learning.

asynchronous mindset

Adopting the asynchronous mindset for better online learning


The most important thing to always keep in mind when adapting any teaching activity for online education is that online learning doesn’t have to happen at the same time as online teaching. Adopting an asynchronous mindset is going to really help educators become even better at what they do.

successful PD for teachers

5 Steps to take for successful PD for teachers

School Management

School leaders who want to create and deliver successful PD for their teachers are in for a struggle. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to it, as teachers themselves would know. However, there are some aspects that should always be a part of teacher PD. Here are five of them:

personalized learning platform

3 Core aspects of a personalized learning platform


There are three core aspects that define a personalized learning platform: each student must be able to define their own learning goals within it, receive recommendations based on their learning journey and have their progress clearly assessed so that they can see their progress. Let’s explore each of these aspects:


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