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digital fatigue in the educational system

The impact of digital fatigue in the educational system

School Management

Digital fatigue appeared as a consequence of overusing the digital tools in the learning process, causing a feeling of saturation that can even lead to burnout. Everyone involved in teaching and learning online should educate themselves and others to recognize the signs of digital fatigue early on, so we can reverse its consequences or at least limit its damage.

Foster student agency with these online tools

Foster student agency with these online tools


Regardless of the tools we use as teachers, as long as we foster student agency, we give them the best lesson: anything in life requires complete dedication and engagement if we want it to be a success. They can only achieve this if they take responsibility for their actions, and what better way to start doing so than while learning?

teacher memes for 2020

Our favorite teacher memes for 2020


2020 made us realize how things could change in the blink of an eye. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. We are still teachers, still doing what we know best, but in very different conditions. However, let’s try to end this year on a positive note, with some teacher memes:

hexagonal approach to learning

What every teacher should know about the hexagonal approach to learning


The hexagonal approach to learning is worth considering. Using the visual shape with six sides, teachers can create successful learning experiences, and students benefit from a clear structure to assign to the content they study by connecting hexagons that include different notions or aspects to form new ideas.

assessments in the blended classroom

How to manage assessments in the blended classroom


Although schools will completely reopen sooner than later, I believe they will not let go of what educational technologies and online learning environments have to offer. Blended learning is becoming the new norm in teaching. Here’s how to make the most of the assessments in each phase of the blended instruction:

Helping students develop job skills through the use of edtech

Helping students develop job skills through the use of edtech


Educators play a crucial role in how they approach teaching and how they get students ready for real life in today’s society. They need to teach students a set of skills that will help them function as adapted and adaptable citizens that will eventually contribute to the growth of the entire society.

Bs of online feedback

The 5 Bs of online feedback teachers need to master


The online learning environment has become the new school for almost every student in most countries as a result of the current pandemic. Last time we explored a few tips on how to give feedback to students in the online learning environment. Now let’s move on to what I like to call the Bs of online feedback, that every teacher should know. Here they are:

give feedback to students in the online learning environment

How to give feedback to students in the online learning environment


Feedback is as important as instruction time, especially in the online learning environment. It’s really necessary for teachers to provide it continuously and concisely to students, adapted to each individual learner, and delivered in various ways, especially now when school has moved online.

Pillars of personalized instruction

3 Pillars of personalized instruction: interactivity, flexibility, and authenticity


Personalized instruction puts educators in the position to plan and deliver content, create and assess tasks in various ways to cater for students as individuals, while nurturing a learning environment that implies interactivity and flexibility. All this will lead to better students results, more motivation, and real engagement from students in their own personal growth and development.

Delivering personalized instruction

Delivering personalized instruction: Focus on the teacher


Education is not a one-way street; the process includes both learning and teaching, with different responsibilities attributed to both protagonists: the teacher and the student. Let’s explore the role of the teachers and the connection they have with their students and peers that could facilitate the delivery of personalized instruction in education: