edtech strengthens parental engagement

How edtech strengthens parental engagement in online learning


Edtech brings new ways for parents to know more about school activities and their children’s progress in each subject they are learning, and generally be more present in their whole learning experience. There are at least three avenues that support parental engagement through educational technologies, so let’s explore them!

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020

Top learning myths to leave behind in 2020


Myths have a way to infiltrate our collective knowledge because they appeal to our intuition, become very popular, get overhyped by being repeated over and over. Shedding light on some popular education myths guides us towards much better, evidence-based practices. So let’s explore some popular educational myths that we’d rather forget about in 2021:

What does an edtech coordinator do?

What does an edtech coordinator do?

School Management

The edtech coordinator knows edtech inside out and helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. Yet, we need to look at the big picture to see just how much impact such a role can have on improving teaching and learning. So let’s see what are the most important ways in which an edtech coordinator helps schools transform their daily activities:

successful edtech strategy

6 Building blocks for a successful edtech strategy


Even if “success” means different things for each school and even if there’s no magic blueprint to make things run smoothly forever, you can still build a successful edtech strategy without becoming overwhelmed. Here are 6 steps to adapt according to your school’s situation and needs:

How school admins use the LMS

How school admins use the LMS to achieve their goals


As a school leader, you can fully take advantage of the LMS, which yes, is a great hub for storing all learning materials and assessing students, but it’s also a way of tracking results, helping each student succeed, communicating with parents, and all in all having a better overview of all school activities, regardless of the size of your school.