Using edtech to personalize education for all students


Edtech has great potential of personalizing education. As long as it’s used to complement the physical classroom, I’m confident they will continue to be a huge part of students’ lives long after the pandemic will have become just a collective memory.

Online learning tips for neurodivergent students

Online learning tips for neurodivergent students


Online learning has some significant benefits, but for students living with neurodivergent traits, it can be problematic. Teachers need to work alongside parents to ensure all students get the chance for a fulfilling educational experience. Here are a few things to consider:


The gains and pains of the think-pair-share strategy


Any teaching strategy has benefits and drawbacks. As teachers, it’s up to us to decide if think-pair-share is good for our classroom and how we can adapt it for our students. To help you make this decision, here are the gains and pains of think-pair-share:


Getting started with STEM in your classroom!


There is a growing need for STEM skills in the workplace, so to best prepare students, we need to find opportunities for them to learn about STEM. Find out how to get started with STEM in the classroom, complete with suggestions and resources!


8 Digital tools for engaging classroom presentations


Integrating presentations in teaching is an accessible way to bring technology to the classroom and are also easy to integrate into any type of lesson and teaching style, so let’s explore eight tools that help teachers create more engaging classroom presentations:


4 Exciting edtech tools teachers need to try this school year


Having an edtech plan for the new school year is great! However, as the year progresses, you might find the need to switch things up a bit and try something new. These four suggestions work for any grade level and make classes engaging, fun, and informative.


Answering the Why? How? What? of lesson planning


Making students aware of the usefulness of what you’re teaching right now is a major challenge. Answering the Why? How? What? of lesson planning helps you boost confidence and motivation when it comes to the learning process: