ISTE 2022 Meet the NEO team, get your demo, attend sessions and win prizes!

ISTE 2022: Meet the NEO team, get your demo, attend sessions and win prizes!


ISTELive 2022 is just around the corner! The NEO team will also be there to chat about all things edtech. You can also get a personalized demo, attend sessions hosted by our edtech experts and win exciting prizes, such as an iPad. Drop by Booth #1034 between June 27-29 and let’s make ISTE 2022 the best one yet!


How parents can set up a productive home learning space for students


Providing a productive home learning space is about more than plonking down a desk and monitor in the corner of a room. A truly invigorating study space should inspire students to learn and reinforce positive habits. Here are some ideas for creating a good home learning space:


How to build a classroom escape room to spark curiosity in learning


Since students spend so much time in classrooms, why not plan a quick “escape” to inspire curiosity for learning? Teacher and author, Rachelle Dene Poth, demonstrates how building a classroom escape room transforms even the most humdrum day into a wonderful adventure!


How LMS groups enable student collaboration for better learning outcomes


We know that student collaboration leads to better learning outcomes, but what is the best way to achieve this with a learning platform? While the answer varies depending on each student and classroom, LMS groups are versatile and an excellent medium for student collaboration and group activities.