5 Elements that make lessons more engaging


Many teachers have a hard time when it comes to creating engaging lessons, but there are solutions! CYPHER LEARNING CEO, Graham Glass, discusses the five elements that make lessons more engaging.


Online Learning and Mental Health: the XYZ generations


The generational gaps can cause a disconnect between students and teachers. So when you add in unrealistic expectations and the abrupt transition to e-learning, it can negatively impact their wellbeing. Having an open discussion about online learning and mental health can help teachers and students navigate these challenges.

7 Best financial literacy games for students to try out in April

7 Best financial literacy games for students to try out in April


With major digital disruptions such as NFTs and cryptocurrency trending now, how can we ensure that our students get the best financial education possible? By making financial literacy fun, of course! Find out what are some of the best financial literacy games from this list curated by teacher and author Rachelle Dene Poth.


What is an intelligent learning platform for schools and universities?


The intelligent learning platform for schools and universities is finally here. With features such as learning goals and recommendations, K-12 and Higher Ed institutions have access to a smart skill development system that will transform the way they teach and learn.

How to write SMART learning objectives in your LMS

How to write SMART learning objectives in your LMS


SMART learning objectives help teachers create better learning outcomes. However, it’s not just enough to know how to write them, it’s also essential to track and measure these objectives. The easiest way to do this is by using competency-based learning, a true and tested LMS feature.


What are the benefits of interdisciplinary teaching?


Today’s students are growing up in an increasingly complex world. Education should rise to the challenge of developing critical thinkers who tolerate ambiguity and are solution-oriented. Interdisciplinary teaching aims to do just that and brings many other benefits for students.

Meet CYPHER LEARNING at Bett 2022 in London

Meet the CYPHER LEARNING team at Bett 2022


The CYPHER LEARNING team will be at Bett 2022 in London, UK, between 23-25 March. Find us at booth NH40, where we’ll showcase NEO LMS, discuss online learning for K-12 and Higher Ed and show you what we’re currently up to!